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You are Mrs. Servant Manga

You are Mrs. Servant is a manga about how hard it is to learn new professions. Hitoyoshi, a first-year high school student, enjoyed summer vacations when his parents weren’t home. He didn’t spend any time cleaning and the house was an absolute mess. Suddenly, in the early morning hours, his doorbell rang and an unfamiliar girl asked him to hire her as a maid.

 His parents weren’t home, nor were there any errands from them and he turned her down. But nevertheless, he was a polite guy and she was a pretty girl, so he invited her to come in. Then he asked where she used to work and what kind of work she did. She answered that she had dealt with murders; she had interrogated and imprisoned all those who had offended her master. He was the one who recommended she approach their family.

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 Hitoyoshi took it as a joke, but nevertheless decided to be very careful with her and asked why their family was recommended. She named some distant branch of their lineage that was unfamiliar to him. Then he changed the subject and asked what kinds of murders she was best at. And she showed him how she could throw knives and told him the ways of cutting vessels. And she promised to kill anyone if he wished. And now he was afraid that if he refused her, she might kill him.

Nevertheless, Hitoyoshi refused her and she said goodbye. As she went outside, she thought that her former master had made a mistake and these were not the right people. He promised that they would treat her like family. And now she doesn’t know what to do, where to go. Suddenly she sees Hitoyoshi running across the road with her bell in his hand, and a truck rushes at him.

And tragedy would have occurred if she hadn’t pushed him off the road onto the sidewalk. She saved him, but saving people is not her specialty. And he has no choice but to ask her to help clean up around the house. But what he will have to face when she performs maid duties you’ll find out by reading the You are Mrs. Servant manga.

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