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In recent years the isekai genre has become widespread. The word isekai translates from Japanese as “another world,” and from the name it is already clear that it is devoted to involuntary travelers between our world and parallel universes. The defining criterion of isekai is the protagonist, the settler – a person who has moved instead of another person, born with his memories in another world, or he gets into another, unusual world for himself, moves magically, reincarnates or moves into another person’s body.

Isekai can be understood as rebirth in another world, as well as teleportation without the possibility of returning back, time travel, stories about people caught up in some fantasy world. Isekai is easy to follow and entertaining. They show us unusual parallel universes and allow us to follow the adventures of characters who find themselves in very unconventional situations.

 The isekai genre is closely intertwined with other genres, which increases its popularity and holds the interest of readers. Isekai plots are multifarious. In the manga, it is often shown how the average, unremarkable person who is not expected to be heroic when his environment changes, yesterday’s loser turns out to be an invincible and indefatigable activist. For example, a high school student falls into a fantasy world, gets his hands on a legendary sword and performs feats, battling evil spirits and demons.

Tales of Demons and Gods

The manga Tales of Demons and Gods is about a guy who has the opportunity to live a second life. The protagonist, Ne Li, was an ordinary teenager of neither intelligence nor strength. He was the weakest student at Demon Caster Academy, but some powerful forces took him to another world and made him the strongest demon caster in the world. There he gained the spiritual and physical strength that allowed him to come out victorious from many battles. He became a mighty warrior who knew no defeat. Unfortunately, no amount of power helped the boy in the battle in which he died fighting the great Emperor Sage.

        But fate willed that his soul be reincarnated in him again. He returned decades ago as a thirteen-year-old boy. Now he’s going to live another life without repeating the mistakes of his past life. He has knowledge and skills that he gained in the other world, which will help him cope with all the difficulties. He knows more than any professor at the Academy. But he won’t share his secret with others.  His experience and skills will help him become stronger. But he just has to share his abilities with his friends, who will support him in future battles.  After graduating from the Academy, he is going to right his wrongs. He won’t hesitate to save his loved ones and his beloved city They will save the city from destruction and his beloved girl will live and not die, covering Ne Li from demon attacks.

         And the last stage of his development will be a duel with the Wise Emperor, and he will defeat him. He will avenge his own death and that of his kin.  He will reach the pinnacle of martial prowess with all that he possessed in his past life. In the new life, no one will be at enmity with him.


The Twin Siblings’ New Life

The manga The Twin Siblings’ New Life is about twin high school students who die in a car accident and are reborn in another world. They woke up in the body of 5-year-old twins born to an emperor and a commoner. The emperor did not have the courage to kill them as the custom demanded. They were simply exiled to a remote palace and abandoned there, forgetting they existed. Realizing they were in another world, they had to adapt to their unfamiliar surroundings. They were horrified when they discovered that their mother was a drunkard, she beat them, didn’t feed them, the servants abused them. They made plans to escape, but there was nowhere for them to go. They discover that they are able to read each other’s thoughts and talk to each other mentally. Another test fate has in store for them is life in the emperor’s palace.

  When their mother died, the emperor remembered them and ordered them moved into the palace. He recognized them as his children and heirs and entrusted them to the care of teachers and servants. Now they are forced to endure constant drudgery and mockery from the servants. But then a magic teacher discovers they have great magical power. It changed their lives.


Mushoku Tensei: If I Get to a Parallel Universe I’ll Bring

      The manga heincarnation of the unemployed Mushoku Tensei: If I Get to a Parallel Universe I’ll Bring

 Do you know what happens to 34-year-old reclusive otaku people? Here’s what happens: his parents kick him out because he’s worthless. He thinks he’s a loser, ugly, fat, being bullied by everyone. Alone, no family, no money, no job.

He was left alone, needless, without a penny in his pocket, with the realization that his life was over. As he reflected on his miserable life, he saw a truck with a sleeping driver.  The car was speeding straight at the three schoolchildren. Rushing to the rescue, he saves the boys, but dies himself.  When he wakes up, he finds himself in another world, a world of witchcraft and swords.  He decides that here he will begin a new life without the old mistakes.  This is where the incredible adventures of a man who had a chance to start life anew begin.

 Very often the authors began to reincarnate their heroes in mythical creatures and send them to the magical worlds where they successfully adapt and cope with all the difficulties.  


Reborn: Monster

The plot of the manga “Reborn: Monster” is an entertaining story about a man who encounters the unimaginable. One night, Tomokui Kanata is killed by a girl stalking him. He wakes up and finds himself in the body of a goblin. He has become one of the weakest monsters, the goblin Roh, who is a member of the lowest stage of evolution. But goblins have one striking ability that will allow Tomoki to save himself from the sad fate of being devoured by some other creature. Now in a goblin body, he intends to start a new life. Retaining his abilities and all memories of his past life, Rho is ready to fight demons and become the strongest goblin.  All he has to do is feed on other monsters. Yes, goblins are able to evolve quickly, gaining intelligence by devouring the flesh of their enemies.

Tomoki himself has memories of his former life that will help him come up with a new plan to escape from the next mess. But he can’t do it alone, so Kanata plans to bring other goblins to his side. Alone they can be easy prey, but goblins are strong when they get together. The more of them there are, the less chance their enemies have of reaping their flesh. It won’t be long before Tomoki becomes the strongest and most powerful goblin warrior that no one would recognize as the frail creature he once was. Ro is different from all the other characters. Goblins usually act first and think later. And Ro, using his thinking abilities becomes a unique goblin who successfully copes with all difficulties



The manga is about a funny bear  Kuma-Kuma-Kuma-Bear.    Yuna, a teenage girl, is fifteen years old, is addicted to virtual games, especially the first ever VRMMO.  For 3 years there was no school, no parents, no friends for her. All she had was the Internet and MMO games. For the last year she participated in the virtual reality game “Fantasy World Online”.Since she played both day and night, Yuna became the best player.

 She made millions and was able to become independent and live without her parents.   During the game’s latest update, she is unexpectedly rewarded with an unusual bear outfit. But she doesn’t like this outfit very much, and Yuna thinks she doesn’t need it.  However, an unusual twist in the game turns Julia into a funny character in a bear costume, trapping her in the world of the game. She receives a letter from God explaining what happened, where she ended up, and what the future holds for her. She meets many other characters, makes new friends, and takes part in various adventures.

There are iskai manga “in reverse”, where a celestial with great powers and abilities comes to earth and is reincarnated as an ordinary guy.


Tales of Demons and Gods

      The manga Tales of Demons and Gods is about a guy who had the opportunity to live two lives in different worlds. At first he studied at the Demon Caster Academy, not distinguished by his intelligence, strength or diligence. Higher powers take him to another world, where he becomes a mighty warrior, engages in battles and emerges victorious. But he loses the battle with the Wise Emperor. But fate brings him back into his body, 13 a teenager. He, having retained all the knowledge and skills of his past life, decides to live a new life without repeating his mistakes.  He knows more about this world than any professor. But he is not going to show the world his knowledge and skills. He must correct his past mistakes, save his girlfriend and family from destruction, save his city from destruction. And the ultimate goal is a battle with the Emperor Sage.


Shenwu Tianzun

The Shenwu Tianzun manga tells the story of a warrior’s journey from heaven to earth and his adventures on earth. One of the mighty high heaven martial arts practitioners was treacherously murdered. But he did not die, but moved into Xiao Chen’s earthly body. Xiao Chen had very poor health, had no home or family, and only received ridicule while working as a servant. Upon moving into such a body, the practitioner realized that he would have to start all over again. Fortunately he retained his knowledge and skills to restore the health and strength of a sick person. To his surprise, he discovered a source of supernatural power in this body. If before he was only a practitioner of the first heaven, now with this power he can become a practitioner of the 10th heaven sphere and avenge the traitors. But he has a long way to go before that. First he has to save his girlfriend, then he has to take over the sect, challenge 3 more sects and defeat them. His final goal is to take over the region. And then take on the traitors. The manga gives the reader the opportunity to participate in battles, perform feats and defeat enemies together with the renewed Xiao Chen.


Chosen by the Gods (Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko)

In the manga    Chosen by the Gods (Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko)  Ryoma Takuma, 39, is a serious man who spends most of his time at work. He considers himself a loser, has no hopes for career advancement, and has never had a girlfriend. He does, however, have hobbies: manga and video games. One day Ryoma fell out of bed and died of an intracranial hemorrhage. Suddenly he woke up in a large white room, where three gods had come to him. The gods had come for Rema’s soul; they promised him a second life in their world. They offer to endow him with power and magic and to preserve his image. Ryoma agrees and the gods transport him to the kingdom of Reefall placing him in the body of a 10 year old boy. His task is to live in this world, he is a commoner, he has no parents. He found himself in the woods with a book in his hands.   On the last page he found a scoreboard like an online game that showed very high levels of his abilities and abilities to magic. For three years he lived in the forest, studying and training slugs and enjoying life. One day a group of people appeared in the woods accompanying the heir to the ducal family..They had a wounded man and Ryome managed to heal him. This acquaintance brought about changes in his life and new adventures.


The Descent of the Demonic Master

      The fantasy of the authors of Isekai is limitless. Heroes travel from world to world, become strong warriors, powerful wizards. Or on the contrary, they go from another world to earth, reincarnate into the body of an ordinary guy and begin to perform feats. They may even live several lives, as in the manga The Descent of the Demonic Master.

 Gang Jinh’s first life on earth was miserable. He is disabled, has no leg, and is bullied at school. After his death, he finds himself in a magical world, where he becomes a powerful warrior and a menace of monsters. He was so powerful that it became of concern to the celestials and cult servants. They especially didn’t like the fact that he was teaching simple cult followers the martial arts. They feared that the arrival of new, strong, well-trained warriors would shake their power and the foundations of the cult. They betrayed him and killed him. As he died, he wished he had had a good quiet life.

A higher power took pity on him and brought him back to his hometown, at the age of 18. He is Gang Jinh again, but armed with the knowledge and experience of the past two lives. His third life begins in the hospital room he was admitted to after an accident. He has no memory of who he is, where he is, or what lies ahead. The only thing he knows is that he wants to live a quiet and peaceful life. But again, fate decides its own way. Coming out of the hospital, he has to save a girl from a criminal, as the police failed to do so. At school, he stood up for the lame boy and punished the worst bully who had tormented him.  And since the bully was the son of the school custodian, he has many adventures ahead of him.

Itsekai manga with comedy plots are very popular. Laughter is known to prolong life. And great manga in the genre of comedy can give us a charge of positive for a long time, to entertain and distract from the boring everyday life. A good product in which the characters are different comic situations that can hold us for a long time until the plot ends. Many of these situations seem simple, but the authors of the manga create such conditions that the outcome of events can have completely unpredictable consequences.


Immortal Swordsman in The Reverse World

     The manga Immortal Swordsman in The Reverse World is about a strong warrior trapped in a world of matriarchy.

For 300 years in a mystical world, Chu Shin practiced diligently and became the best master swordsman. After that he was to enter the realm of eternity.  However, instead of the realm of eternity, he went back to his past at the age of 17.

When he looked around he discovered  that he had entered another world. After the catastrophe, the physical condition of the women changed. They became intelligent and strong, became superior to men in everything and took power.   In the 21st century, women are acquiring male professions,

 conquering men, running the state, dominating society. And men work as maids, housewives. In the family, the mother earns the money, she is the mistress of the house, the sisters hang out with their friends, the brothers obey their sisters without complaint. Fathers teach their sons how to avoid classmates so they don’t rape them.

In this world, women are hunters for men, especially handsome men.   Chu Qing, with his good looks, has become a school star.   He realizes that no matter how bad this world is, he will have to live in it and adapt.

We invite you to have fun while reading comedy manga. Here you will be met with interesting characters, uncommon situations, confusion and chaos. But in the end we are waiting for a classic happy ending, because what would be a comedy with the presence of tragedy? In any case, such works will not let you get bored, and after reading it, you will definitely go further in search of another comedy work.

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