Japan is the only country that has a special literary genre, the manga, which is considered serious literature. The plots of manga are conveyed by a series of drawings with short texts that form a coherent narrative.  The history of manga goes back to antiquity: rock paintings, frescoes, drawings of mosaics, painting on amphorae. The main roots of this trend are in early Japanese art. It is no coincidence that, say, manga are mostly black and white, it is quite reminiscent of the reference to Japanese inkblot prints and even calligraphy.

In Japan since the 12th century, monks used fun pictures drawn on scrolls to depict everyday scenes. Then there were folklore drawings in folk art, the fine art of ukiyo-yo.  As an independent genre, manga began to develop in the late 19th, early 20th century with the appearance on the Japanese market of the first translations of American comics.  Manga as we know them now began to appear after World War II. During this period, Japanese culture collided closely with Western culture, adopting some of its characteristics and redefining own traditions and cultural origins. After that, an entirely new art emerged, unique to this country alone, which became popular not only in Japan but also in many other countries.

 It began to develop as literature for children and young people, and now this direction has split into many genres of interest to people of all ages. And one of the most popular and sought-after is the genre – romance. The first features of romance began to appear in the 70’s of the twentieth century; originally, love lines first showed themselves in shoujo.

Shoujo is a particular branch of the manga genre, which, more often than not, contains romantic stories of fictional characters and features of character development. This genre is for girls and young women. The plots focus on romantic relationships and the emotional development of the characters. The stories often based on the relationship between the heroines and their love interests, as well as their emotional growth and self-determination.

These stories often contain elements of drama and humor, and may have realistic portrayals of human relationships and problems. Most female fans love this genre because such manga are easy to read and the characters’ actions reflect the essence of our desires and motivations. It is better to learn from the mistakes of fictional characters than to make them ourselves.


Don’t Give Up

       An example of such a manga is the manga «Don’t Give Up».  It is a story of struggle, betrayal and love that overwhelms an ordinary Japanese girl named Kyoko Mogami. Not long ago she was following a clear plan that had nothing to do with moving to Tokyo, but her love feelings for her childhood friend made some adjustments to these very plans.

      Abandoning everything, Kyoko left Kyoto and moved to Tokyo together with Sho. But over time, the heroine realized that the guy called her along just to use her! He is cheeky and unprincipled, throwing all the everyday chores on the girl: laundry, cooking, cleaning and so on. What’s more, Kyoko has to pay for their accommodation, and there’s no question of mutual love. No, she can’t stand it any longer. After packing her things, the girl decides to give it up and go conquer the world on her own.

    Eventually, Mogami-san finds herself at the LME agency, which is a direct competitor of Akatoka, where Shou works. In this way, Kyoko wants to get back at him for his insidious betrayal and the fact that the guy broke her heart. But gradually Mogami gets involved in her work and starts to forget about her main goal, enjoying her life and freedom. The plot unfolds in the world of show business and tells how an ordinary girl can get there. The manga has it all: the betrayal of those considered closest, the characters’ difficult past that they have to overcome, many difficulties, but apart from that, it is a story about determination, the desire to work and achieve everything, about friendship that emerges gradually, and of course love (which develops even slower…).

Dating Club of Oran High School

          Another manga, Dating Club of Oran High School, tells the story of a young girl named Haruha, who only by some miracle got into a very prestigious educational institution. The fact is that the heroine’s family can not afford to provide such an education for their daughter, and therefore the only chance was to break into the budget place. And Haruha was able to succeed, but she had no idea what trials await her in Oran.

 With the start of the school year the heroine had to pretend to be a boy. And once at the guest club, where Haruha met six handsome boys, she immediately got into trouble. Not only did she break an expensive vase worth several million yen, but she had to make sure no one suspected her of being a girl. It’s good that you can disguise yourself outwardly, but what to do with your character and behavior?  In any case, if Haruha wants to stay in school, she will have to pay this debt. Now all she thinks about is where to find the money. At a time when the other students devote all their time to learning science, she is forced to go along with the members of the music guest club. Yeah, that’s not how she imagined the best years of everyone’s life.

School manga are in great demand among young people.  The school genre is very versatile, as it can include a huge number of other areas. Romance is probably the most popular here. It is in adolescence that the first love emerges and there are real feelings that are remembered for a lifetime.


Sukinako ga Megane wo Wasureta

      The manga Sukinako ga Megane wo Wasureta is about high school students Komuro and Mio san, the beginning and history of their relationship, mutual understanding and grievances.

      Komuro was in the same class as Mio san and liked her immediately. But he observed that this strange, absent-minded girl seemed to have her head in the clouds. She may answer incorrectly, and her short-sightedness makes her unable to see properly.  Mia wears glasses, but he likes it. He has decided that as her neighbor and close companion he will help her. When she forgets her glasses at home and he has to be around her because of it, he feels strange things. He can’t hear the teacher, he forgets he’s in class, he can’t see the textbook.  And she can’t even remember his name.  But he persistently came to her aid in different situations. He helped her lace up her sneakers, helped her with kitchen duty, in the gymnasium he protected her from the ball and most of all he was afraid that she would not need his help. You’ll find out the funny and romantic episodes that happen to the lovers by reading Sukinako ga Megane wo Wasureta manga.


A Story About A Totally Straightforward Girlfriend

        A Story About A Totally Straightforward Girlfriend manga is about a relationship that began after a candid confession by one of the parties. Shizuku is a senior in high school and has a number of problems due to her character. Although she is a very attractive and sweet girl, she has few friends. The boys are afraid to be friends with her because of her straightforwardness, afraid to hear something unpleasant from herself.  She is often shunned by her classmates and has never been invited by her classmates. Takahashi likes Shizuka for her straightforwardness and artlessness, but because of her unfriendliness he is afraid to approach her and talk to her. Suddenly, one day while he was on duty in class, she came up and offered to help. When he asked why she decided to help him, she bluntly replied that she liked him. At first he didn’t even realize who she liked and didn’t believe it was him. But then it was a miracle! His love turned out to be mutual. That’s how Shizuku’s sudden confession started a touching relationship, which you’ll learn about by reading A Story About A Totally Straightforward Girlfriend.


Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

 Love manga can be very different. Sometimes they are about an ordinary relationship facing some difficulties, sometimes other times otherworldly forces, mythical creatures or other unexpected circumstances threaten to separate the lovers.

         There are Jōsei manga for a female audience. The style of drawing used in Jōsei is a bit more realistic than in shōjo, but retains some of its characteristics. Again, unlike shoujo, the love relationships depicted in josei are much more elaborate.

      About the relationship between two young people with completely different characters you will learn by reading the manga Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! tells about a funny and not quite ordinary relationship between third-year student Shinichi Sakurai and second-year student Hana Uzaki.

      They met at a sports swimming club, he was a year older than her, his appearance intimidated her and she avoided him. But one day he saw her nearly drown in the pool and volunteered to teach her to swim after his training. And from then on, their relationship changed, and became like an older man’s relationship with a younger man.

       Shinichi Sakurai is a tall guy with an athletic build attracts the girls’ attention, but they are intimidated by his menacing stare and his desire for solitude. He prefers to spend his time in peace and quiet, does not like entertainment, and spends his vacations at home with video games. He works part-time as a waiter in a coffee shop and is highly respected by the owner and visitors.

         He is calm and docile, has his own clientele, knows how to talk to people older than himself, and has a very confident demeanor.

         Hana is his complete opposite. Despite her lush form, Hana is sometimes mistaken for an elementary school student because of her short stature. She is a cheerful, jovial, and outgoing person. Watching her boyfriend, she sees him turn into a loner. She decides to spend as much time with him as possible, accompanying him to different places and student events, despite his annoyance.  She even went to work at the same coffee shop where Shinichi Sakurai worked. 

      Although Sakurai finds her annoying and tiresome, he still condescends to Uzaki and her shenanigans, even knowing that her perky personality can lead the two of them into various comical situations.   As the days go by, their relationship only improves, to the point where those around them accept them as a couple. But they themselves refuse to admit their feelings. You’ll find out how their relationship develops and what funny situations they’ll get into thanks to the hyperactive and cheerful Uzaki Hana when you read the Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! manga.



         Jōsei describes the “adult” problems of independent and confident women, with relationships, often romantic and sexual, at the center of the plot. Josei is often full of eroticism and sexual scenes. Topics of career, parent-child relationships, divorce, and others are usually touched upon… Unlike shoujo, love relationships are shown in josei in a much less idealized and more elaborate way. The main genres josei borrowed from shoujo are love novels, fantasy, science fiction, historical drama, as well as topics of interest to adult women.

      Lucia‘s manga tells the story of a woman’s fate, starting at age sixteen. She was a sixteen year old, unwanted princess.  She had to do everything by herself, she had no servants, she disguised herself as a servant to get her own food. She could not flee the palace because she had no money.

      Then she meets a romance novelist.   Norman was poor because her books were not selling. Lucia gave her the idea to change the main characters and the plot of the novels. She talked a lot about the social conditions and life of the upper classes. Norman began to write about the ladies and courtiers, after which her novels became a success. Norman offered her a considerable sum of money as a co-author. Lucia had a terrible dream that a year later, at age 19, she would be sold to a terrible man and would be miserable. That’s when Lucia decides that she will decide her own fate. She offers her marriage under contract to a brutal, formidable general whom even the king feared.  You’ll learn about the romantic love story that grew out of this business contract by reading Manga Lucia.


Kanojo, Okarishimasu

The manga Kanojo, Okarishimasu is about the relationship between a guy and a girl for hire.

      Kazuya Kinoshita is a first-year student at Tokyo University. He is 20 years old, unemployed, receives no benefits and lives alone in his apartment.  His parents helped him financially. He became friends with his classmate Mimi, and then suddenly she tells him she has a new boyfriend. They dated only a month and he could not understand what he did wrong. He was very nervous, tried to resume the relationship, but it was in vain…She deleted him from the phone and did not want to communicate.

       Accidentally, he saw the ad of the agency Almaz offering services of a girl for an hour. They recommend those who have no experience with women, promising high professionalism and talent. Payment by the hour. He did not want any more unsuccessful experience.  So he logged into an online application, chose a pretty girl with the highest professional rating by her photo, and made an appointment.  When he met Mizuhara Chizuru, he found her sweet and friendly, and liked her overall. It turned out that they were both freshmen at the same university.  She agreed to his suggestions, they successfully went to the oceanarium since he was into marine biology.  But he suddenly thought her friendly demeanor had a definite intent to attract men, that she was only pretending to enjoy their meetings.  He accused her of hypocrisy and left a bad review, lowering her rating. And then he saw another Tizura Mizuhara.  Angered by his disrespect for her and his vain accusations, she roughly scolded him and demanded that he restore her rating.  After an unexpected call from the hospital, he asked her to play the role of his girlfriend in front of his sick grandmother. The grandmother was so happy to hear that he had a girlfriend that she immediately felt better. And after that, they called it quits… But not for long.He saw her again at the university and could not believe his eyes. Read the Kanojo, Okarishimasu manga to find out what happened next and how their relationship developed.

    Love manga can be very different. Sometimes they are about an ordinary relationship facing some difficulties, sometimes otherworldly forces, mythical creatures or other unexpected circumstances threaten to separate the lovers. Romance and action, romance and issekai, romance and fantasy, romance and comedy- the plot twists keep the reader in suspense, who looks forward to the new chapters of the manga.


A Way To Protect The Lovable You

      A Way To Protect The Lovable You is an example of a romantic line in an Issekai manga. It tells the story of a second life of a girl who was able to right the wrongs of the past.

Leticia lived in a family with a conniving and cruel mother. Her mother, Saint Josephine, didn’t like her because she lost her power from birth and decided to marry her off to King Ditrand, whose family she had killed seven years earlier. Both Letitia and Dithran were doomed to die. Her mother put a curse on her daughter: if Laetitia did not kill Ditran, she would be torn to pieces. Murder, poisoning, sickness, Laetitia and Ditran survived, but the curse came true. But she begged for time to be turned back, and fate took pity on her and gave her a chance to go back. She woke up in her room on her wedding day wearing her wedding dress. She realized that she had gone back in time and thanked God for the opportunity to save her husband, his subjects.  She vowed that she would save the king and his principality. How that will be, you will find out by reading A Way To Protect The Lovable You manga.


The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You.

Fathesy, comedy, and romance are represented in the manga The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You.

         Rentaro is a serious, kind, guy who got 100 rejections when confessing his love. But he still wanted to find a girl to love. He went to the temple to pray to the gods to meet such a girl in high school. There he sees a god of love who promised that he would meet a soulmate.  A soulmate is the perfect spiritual half , destined from birth. Meeting a soulmate is love at first sight. But he must remember that women fall in love instantly and men gradually. Not every man has a soulmate, but if he has one, it is great luck. But God promised that he would meet 100 soulmates and he would have to choose the one he liked best.

          On his first day of high school, he immediately met 2 girls from his class.   They learned that this school has a love mascot. It is a pink clover. If you give a 4-leaf clover during a confession, it is sure to be successful. The girls immediately ran to the garden, and he stayed late after class helping the teacher look for his lenses.  It took him four hours. When he came out of school he saw the girls continuing to crawl around in the grass looking for 4 leaf clovers.  They both end up declaring their love for him, and he’s happy to get 2 declarations at once after 100 rejections. But he has to decide who he will date and answer them tomorrow morning. But it wasn’t an easy choice. Especially the god of love warned him that if he rejects the second soulmate will die. It just so happened that at the time of his birth, the god of love had important business to attend to, and he simply made the mistake of adding 2 zeros to his number of soulmates. Then Rentaru decided that he would date both of them to save them.

That’s how Rentaro’s polyamorous relationship began, like the world hasn’t seen, which you’ll learn about when you read The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Love You manga.

Read romantic manga and enjoy amazing stories of great love, romantic characters and sublime relationships.

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