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The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time Manga

The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time is a manga about the adventures of a reincarnated guy. He finds himself in the body of Xu Zhou, who was a idle lazy bum. He received a cup of rebirth from a celestial god, which helps him to reincarnate.

 The liquid energy of the bowl is fit for training the body. It nourishes and restores the soul. And most importantly, it can help you to master the skills of martial arts. In order for the bowl not to destroy itself, it has to be fed, then it will restore itself. He wields the Silent Sword and the Yin and Yang medical advice in his head.

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Xu Zhou was called the disgrace of the city of Lingang. He had no fighting skills or other abilities. Everyone considered him a useless, unfit man for anything. On the night of his wedding, he was found in bed with another woman. Everyone wondered how a father, one of the most influential families in the city, could marry his daughter to such a man The bride’s father and brother threw him out of the house.   But Qin forgave him and brought him back.

He wondered how the past owner of the body, having such a beautiful wife, could betray her with prostitutes. Now he had to win his father-in-law’s respect. His father-in-law bought him a sword to practice martial arts, but he sold it. He bought cultivation books, and he didn’t use them. His father-in-law no longer believes his promises. And he has accepted a challenge from XieGuangping and will fight him in the next city tournament. Guanping hopes that after he wins, Qin will divorce Zhou and she will be his. In the meantime, the Qin family also is in danger of losing its leadership in the arms trade.

The Mao and Luo families claim that the Qin family’s weapons are of poor quality, and intend to attract all customers to their stores. That’ s when Zhou manages to defend the honor of the Qin family by demonstrating the excellent quality of their swords, previously filling them with his power, and receive compensation for the slander. Now he must begin training and prove to everyone that he is worthy to be called a member of the Qin family and a Qin husband. Read The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time manga to find out.

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