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Nine Heavenly Star Art manga about the difficult path of becoming a great warrior. Three years ago a battle happened on Mount Lian Yun. The warriors of the Ye family were losing. But they wanted to save their young master and ordered him to flee the place. However, his enemies saw him, they knew that he was the pride of Ye Zhantian, that he was a genius boy and wanted his journey to end here.

 But the patriarch is against involving children in the affairs of adults. So he wants to save the boy. He points the way to get out of the mountain. But he hears voices that Ye Chen cannot be let go. And he runs up the abrupt cliff and jumps. Someone says that at the moment of death one does not feel despair, it seems that one finds hope.

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In the Eighteenth Fortress of the E family keep the secrets of martial techniques. Unshakable as a mountain, fast as lightning, strong as giants this is the essence of E family techniques. In order that no one knows the true power of the family, they must practice in secluded places. The first brother believes that his martial art has reached its peak.

He practiced for a year, but the second brother became angry when he demonstrated the power of his punch, as the first brother destroyed the tree he had been growing for a long time. And Ye Chen, the third brother of the Ye family, who by a miracle survived three years ago, calls himself a coward, he was afraid to die because he wanted to live badly.

 But he has become everyone’s laughing stock as he has lost all his power, his meridians destroyed. He has to take a dozen pills for three years to restore everything. But they are so expensive that it is impossible. He is accused of his father kneeling before the lord and begging him to give his son the cure. But he was just thrown out of there.

The father asked to keep it all a secret, but Ye Chen was told everything that happened. Ye Chen is worried that his family is suffering and tolerating humiliation because of him. And he swore that he will become stronger and take revenge on all his abusers. You can learn about his fate and future adventures by reading the Nine Heavenly Star Art manga.

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