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Nihonkoku Shoukan Manga

Nihonkoku Shoukan is a manga about the friendship of different worlds. The third squad of wyverns reported to the center the appearance of an unknown flying object in the sky. In the kingdom of Kwa Toyn people gathered a good harvest and working in the fields also saw something strange in the sky. In the Kwa Toyne Tower of Wyvern Control received a report that this object was flying very fast and not waving its wings. It does not look like a living creature and is flying toward Mayhark.

The command has declared a state of alert for all branches of the troops. And three squads of wyverns rise urgently into the air, ready to attack. But the flying rider veered off course, and everyone realized that it was not going to attack. The naval base assumes that the object is from a country with which they have a conflict.

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Suddenly a report came from the Second Fleet that a huge ship of unknown origin had appeared in the open waters near Mayhark. Mayhark’s fleet set out to meet the ship. People appeared on the deck of the unknown ship and they waved their hands, inviting them to come up to the ship. When Mayhark’s crew went up on deck, they were amazed at the huge size of the ship, the strange clothing of the military and the unknown flag.

 They wanted to know what the ship’s origin and destination was. There was no language barrier so it was easy to communicate. One of the men introduced himself as an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.  Japan was suddenly transported to another world. And he assures that they have no hostile intentions. The Japanese representatives want to negotiate with the country’s administration. The unidentified flying object would like to apologize for violating the country’s borders. And Japan insists that their country has been moved to this location.

The admiral of the Second Naval Fleet came to the capital to report to the government that the unknown ship marked itself as the relocated country. The government organized a conference at which the Japanese delegation spoke about their country. And it was decided that a group would be organized to travel to Japan to learn about the culture and customs of the country and to establish trade relations. You can find out more about their future relationship and adventures by reading the Nihonkoku Shoukan manga.

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