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Romance Manga Genre


Romance Manga is a category of Japanese comic books that focuses on the themes of love, relationships, and emotional connections between characters. These stories often feature young protagonists who experience the ups and downs of falling in love, navigating the complexities of romantic relationships, and dealing with heartbreak and loss. Romance Manga can be sweet and heartwarming, exploring the joys of first love, or more mature and complex, exploring the complex dynamics of adult relationships. Many Romance Manga also feature elements of drama, comedy.


Chapter 103 May 28, 2023
Chapter 102 May 18, 2023
Chapter 101 April 20, 2023
Chapter 100 April 20, 2023

Blue Period

Chapter 62 May 27, 2023
Chapter 61.1 May 16, 2023
Chapter 61 May 15, 2023
Chapter 59 April 17, 2023