Fantasy Manga Genre


Fantasy Manga is a genre of manga that focuses on imaginative and fantastical elements, often incorporating mythical creatures, magic, and supernatural powers. These stories often take place in an alternate universe or world, where the laws of physics and reality are different from our own. Characters may possess unique abilities or powers, and the plot often revolves around a quest or journey to defeat a powerful antagonist or achieve a specific goal. Fantasy Manga can range from lighthearted and comedic to dark and serious.

Sword Demon Island

Chapter 22 2 days ago
Chapter 21 May 29, 2023
Chapter 20 May 27, 2023
Chapter 19 May 24, 2023

Superstar From Age 0

Chapter 14 2 days ago
Chapter 13 2 days ago
Chapter 12 May 18, 2023
Chapter 11 May 18, 2023