Action Manga Genre


Action Manga is a category of manga that focuses on thrilling, high-energy action sequences. These manga often feature intense battles, epic showdowns, and fast-paced fight scenes between characters with extraordinary abilities or weapons. The stories in Action Manga can range from classic tales of good versus evil to complex narratives that explore themes of justice, revenge, and loyalty. The artwork in this category is typically dynamic and visually stunning, with detailed renderings of action sequences that are sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.  

Bungou Stray Dogs

Chapter 107.5 23 hours ago
Chapter 107 May 2, 2023
Chapter 106.5 April 18, 2023
Chapter 106 April 18, 2023

Max Level Player

Chapter 28 1 day ago
Chapter 27 May 27, 2023
Chapter 26 May 27, 2023
Chapter 25 May 27, 2023