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Kubo-San Doesn’t Leave Me Be (A Mob) Manga

Kubo-San Doesn’t Leave Me Be (A Mob) is a manga about a persistent girl. Shiraishi has the ability to remain invisible always and everywhere. He exists, but is not noticeable.

A teacher doesn’t see him, even though he’s behind his back. A classmate asks where he is, although he sits at the desk next to him. He goes to school every day and the teachers mark that he misses lessons. Therefore, after class he has to go up to the teacher and tell him that he has been in class.  All this upsets him, he can’t enjoy life like the other guys. And only one girl instantly knows and sees where he is. Her name is Kubo.

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She provoked him to stand on a chair in class and see whether he would be seen. He did, the teacher ordered him to sit down, but the class behaved as usual, as if nothing had happened. Kubo was amused and asked him to repeat. And he claimed that if someone tried to sit on him, he wouldn’t even notice that he was there. Kubo immediately conducted an experiment and sat on his knees, and he loved it.

She provoked him to lift his hand in class when the teacher asked questions. And he learned to do it. He doesn’t go to sports activities, so when he’s at the finish line during a run, he has to get his partner’s attention to mark his presence and the end of the run. When he walks in the park with his younger brother, passersby, not noticing him, wonder why such a little boy is walking alone. And sometimes he is even glad of his inconspicuousness, for example, when a passing car splashed dirt on him and passersby do not pay attention.

But Cuba noticed and advised him to go home and wash. Since he doesn’t have a key and can’t get into his apartment, she invites him to her house. And in general, she declared herself his heroine and is going to fight his inconspicuousness. You can find out more about their future relationship by reading the Kubo-San Doesn’t Leave Me Be (A Mob) manga.

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