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It Starts With a Mountain Manga

It Starts With a Mountain is a manga about adventures in the virtual space of the Middle Ages. The fortress of Hama stood on the mountain ridge of Mount Qinnyu.

 It was once a majestic structure, inaccessible to enemies and respected by all outlaws. But when the master died, the brothers fled, and the young master was only 18 years old. Many ran away from the fortress because they were afraid that government troops would come and destroy everyone. The few guards would not be able to protect the fortress.

Raed It Starts With a Mountain Manga

Dalei Cheng cannot remember how he ended up in this place. He is an ordinary college student, playing the game “Heart of the Mountain Robber,” fainted and found himself in an unfamiliar time and place. He has the memories of this body and his own memories. Here he became lord of the crumbling fortress. There was once a great military kingdom here, but now the imperial power is in decline and the people are suffering from war.

Many have fled to the mountains and become brigands. Only the young Dalei Cheng, the warlord Xu, and his daughter remain in the fortress. The people say that only hard grass does not break from the storm, and only a hero can sustain a time of turmoil. And Xu reports that all the fortress’s belongings have been taken out and asks for the last skinny horse and tiger pelt to be given to him, which no one needs. Cheng does not know how he can cope with everything alone. Suddenly he hears a voice saying that he has activated the Heart of the Mountain Robber game and the system space has come online.

The scoreboard shows information about the present situation. The system warns that when the population of 3 drops to one, the mission will fail. Therefore, his errand is to not allow the warlord and his daughter to escape. If he fails, the system will erase him. He managed to persuade the warlord and his daughter to stay and the system rewarded him with a battle axe. The system’s second task is to accomplish a robbery before dark. In case of failure, it is destruction.

But during the mission, the warlord betrays him, and the system changed the robbery task to kidnap the princess. If Dalai Cheng will be able to complete the system’s tasks, what will be his future fate you will find out by reading It Starts With a Mountain manga.

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