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I Picked Up An Attribute Manga

I Picked Up An Attribute is a manga about the fate of a player who has fallen into virtual reality. Fang Xia is known as a successful player in the world of computer games. He is a gaming emperor with many fans and a decent income. But one day, through carelessness, he made a mistake and ended up in an unfamiliar place, running into two cloud soldiers where he had to fight.

He is endowed with power and spiritual energy and he will win. And having absorbed the light of the cloud soldiers, he feels his strength become greater and their attack less harmful. Then he finds himself in an unfamiliar forest, surrounded by many spiders. There he also meets the Skyman. He asks how he got to this world and if the caretaker sent him.  He asks his name and surname and his origins.

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 Fang Xia has to flee from the spiders.  Luckily he has the ability to apply the light effect and scare them away. He has the attribute of light. Light has a range of colors and each color has different qualities. Poison light allows you to get rid of fat, the light of liveliness strengthens the body, the light of speed allowed him to set a record in the 50-meter sprint. But Heavenly Man accused him of ruining his ancestor’s work by crushing some spiders.

The ancestor had been growing them for over 50 years. He received a hefty slap for the crushed spiders. The ancestor thinks his spiritual energy is higher than ordinary people’s. And the celestial man wants to pass on the world’s knowledge to Fang Xia and make him his successor. That is, he can dominate another’s world by mastering unique theories and skills. One of the most valuable teachings is the Three Floating Dreams, created by the ancestor. 

The teachings have 12 challenging levels, which, after passing, increase the power of magical powers. The 12 magical powers can open the way to becoming a celestial. After completing the teachings, the soul becomes strong, dreams come true, reality can be distorted and the body can be restored. Therefore, he is ready to learn. In order to do this, he must be sent to sleep. He will wake up as soon as he has mastered everything. You will learn about his future fate by reading I Picked Up An Attribute manga.

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