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First god of war is a manga about how fortitude and perseverance help achieve a goal.  In the time of the great Xia Dynasty there was a mountain prison of smoky wolves. In it all military prowess was stripped away, humiliated in a thousand ways. Prisoners worked in the mines, carrying huge sacks of ore without receiving water or food.

The wardens can lash them to death for the slightest fault. Prisoner Yang Wu arrived at the prison two days ago and has already been guilty. Prisoner Sun-Do suggested that the jailer should whip him instead of Yang because he might not be able to stand punishment. However, the jailer received orders to torture Yang harder, so he is beaten every day.Sung-do thinks that Yang has done something bad to someone.

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 Yang Wu was from a wealthy and influential family of Xia Dynasty viscounts. He was a martial arts genius, reaching the top at age 16. The crown prince sent a letter offering to marry Yang to his daughter. But Yang abruptly refused, offending the prince. As a result, he and his parents were shackled. His brother begged the emperor to spare Yang, promising that he would not seek the head post. The emperor took pity and commuted his death sentence to life imprisonment in a mountain prison, forfeiture of all lands, and annulment of all his martial arts.

He is now an inferior prisoner. Nevertheless, he has no intention of dying in prison. Unexpectedly he meets a puppy who gives him a nut. Taking the nut in his hands, he feels better. His strength and energy have been restored a little. He also found hematite, which he can exchange for food.  But they try to take it away from him and again the puppy comes to his aid. He has to run away as quickly as possible.  However, someone may have left the prison, but no one knows if he got out.

The puppy managed to put a nut in Young’s mouth while he was sleeping. The next day, Yang felt he had fully recovered his strength and fighting ability. Now he knows what to do to make his escape and take revenge on all his abusers. You’ll find out about this by reading the First god of war manga.

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