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Dominate the Three Realms Manga

Dominate the Three Realms is a manga about the reincarnation of a great emperor. The bride of the first-generation military emperor Lo Xi kills him the day before their wedding. But fate gives him a second chance. He wakes up in the body of Zhao Chen, the worthless son of a nobleman, three hundred years later in the kingdom of Tianyuan.

He is an illegitimate son, a weak lad. He is considered useless because he is fifteen years old and has not yet awakened to his spiritual roots. His half-brother Zhao Yan is constantly mocking and making fun of him. The day before, he and his minions brutally beat Chen, hoping he would die.  The next day Zhao Yan tries to get rid of him again, but Chen’s mother threatens Yan that she will go to the disciplinary elders.

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 Zhao Chen realizes that he has reincarnated and lost his fighting skills. But he has stored all the techniques in his memory and thinks he will regain them soon. Since his knowledge remains, he hopes to eventually reach the realm of the martial emperor and avenge Lo Xi. And even now with this weak body he was able to give Zhao Yan a serious fight for the first time when he wanted to attack him again, which surprised everyone watching.

 He used the technique of devouring heaven, which allows him to absorb the spiritual roots of others and increase his potential. But he has yet to undergo the ritual of the solemn awakening of his spiritual roots. This is his last year, when he will try to awaken. If he fails, he may be kicked out of his family. And he has succeeded in awakening his spiritual powers. After that comes the stage of testing spiritual powers.  There are 6 ranks of spiritual roots. The lowest is yellow , black , earthly , heavenly , the highest rank of monarch.

Chen manifested innate high rank spiritual roots. Only one person in the entire kingdom has them, and the elders hope that he will glorify their empire. He may even become the ruler of the realm. And now his immediate goal in 3 months is to participate in the Feng Yun Tournament, where the most illustrious warriors of the kingdom gather. You can read Dominate the Three Realms manga to learn more about his future fate.

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