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Doctor’s Rebirth tells the story of the modern doctor’s fate in the world of martial arts.  A colleague invited Dr. Chin to join a group of volunteer doctors. Despite the fact that it was unclear why he was going there, he still signed up to gain experience. Unfortunately, a civil war broke out in the place he was sent to.

He worked day and night in the toughest combat conditions, saving the wounded. But the rebels broke into the field hospital and he died of multiple gunshot wounds, covering his body with the children. But fate gave him a second chance.He woke up in the body of a child in an unfamiliar place and time. Around the wrecked wagons lay wounded and dead people with strange wounds in strange clothes.

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Out of habit he began to examine the wounded man, stopped the bleeding, found a needle and thread, and sewed up the wound. Working in the surgical department, he gained experience in determining who he could save and who no longer could. As he examined the other wounded, he realized he could help three others. From the flag he found, he realized it was a Flying Serpent escort carrier.

 Such transport companies were found in martial arts novels. If so, the wounded men are guards and a rescue party must come for them. And he would have to build some kind of shelter and carry the wounded there. He realized he was in the pages of the novel The Greatest Dragon in Heaven.  It was a martial arts novel he had read before he died.  In the novel, there was a Flying Serpent Squad from the Three Generations Heavenly Healing Hospital and BaekRinEu-sung the famous magician healer. 

And indeed a rescue squad arrived. Hyun, the head of the Flying Serpent, called Bae kRin Eu-sung to examine the wounded and the latter was very surprised to learn that it was Chin who stitched up the wounded. Such ability in a child amazed everyone. Heng thanked Chin for his courage and resourcefulness and promised a reward. It turned out that Chin had saved the only daughter of a noble family, the Cantonese family.  Baek Rin Eu-sung wants to take him as his apprentice. But Jin realizes that the most important thing in this world of martial arts is strength. You’ll find out what his future fate in this world will be when you read Doctor’s Rebirth manga.

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