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DaXiangWuXing (Taoist) Manga

DaXiangWuXing (Taoist) manga is about humans fighting demons. Once upon a time, there were humans and demons in the world.  Humans were food for demons and they attacked and killed humans. Many years later, there were people with extraordinary abilities who were able to defeat the demons. They created organizations and called them sects.

The sects made a responsibility to protect people. The members of the sects were called Daoists. As time passed, the human rulers became apprehensive of the Daoists and began to persecute them. Meanwhile, the demons suddenly attacked, and the Daoists did not have the strength to resist them. The founder of the secret Daoists used a last resort. He sealed the demons inside a jade seal.

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 This artifact is called the Supreme Seal. The demons then signed a truce with humans, agreeing not to harm humans. Later, people created the Company – the ghost, which controlled the demons living in the human world and the bad demons that could harm people. The members of the company hunt for bad demons.

   Tan Ka is the best demon hunter in Louisana. He works for the Ghost Company , in the department of hunters, getting assignments from them. Tan cleans up apartments and houses where demons are suspected to reside and fights them when they show up in town.  One day he was on his way on an urgent mission to destroy a dangerous demon in the form of a reanimated mummy and saw a broken motorcycle on the road and an injured girl nearby.

 He brought her to the company, where after examination they concluded that she is half-man half-demon.  It turned out that the mummy had somehow gotten into the girl’s body. This was a unique case and no one knows what to do with her or what to expect from her. So Tang Ka was assigned to watch her. Xu, that was the girl’s name, said that when she was riding her motorcycle on an empty road she collided with something incomprehensible. The collision was accompanied by a bright flash of light.

It was impossible to kill the demon inside Xu, but Tan managed to seal it in her mind. Xu then has the ability to use and control the demon’s power for her own purposes. She proposes that Tang Ka work together. You can find out what will come of their union by reading the DaXiangWuXing (Taoist) manga.

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