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Back To Rule Again is a manga about life after the apocalypse. In the ten years after the end of the world, monsters and zombies of various calibers appeared. Strange merchants also appeared. They sold people equipment and development drugs in exchange for crystals from the monsters they killed.

Yangfan and his sister found themselves in an area where there were zombie butchers. He killed the monster, but his sister was wounded and he carried her to the base to get water to revive and to save his sister. There he saw his girlfriend kissing the head of the base Xiao Ao.

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He offered Xiao a magic ring that could make a man a lord of the world, in return for water. But Xiao decided to kill Yangfan and took his ring. Before he died, Yangfan wished he had the chance to start all over again. Fate gave him a second opportunity and transported him in time for three hours before the end of the world.

Yangfan was reborn and realized that now his task was to save his relatives and loved ones and to avenge his abusers. First he broke up with his girlfriend, realizing how insincere and dishonest she was. Then he called his sister at the dormitory and ordered all windows and doors to be closed, not to enter anyone or go anywhere until he arrives. 

He has a ring to help him defeat the monsters. From his first killed zombie he collected crystals, with the help of the ring he summoned a merchant and the trade was initiated. A special tableau appears with information about goods and prices. For his first crystals he bought a hammer.

He also rescued two girls who had valuable skills and abilities and invited them to his team. Immediately their team had to fight a troop of zombies and a mutant flower. Yangfan wields a hammer, and the girls collect crystals.  But in this battle, a zombie injures one girl and she offers to kill her. But Fan wants to save her, and for that he needs to increase his power to the first level. What will happen to them and their team next you’ll find out after reading the Back To Rule Again manga.

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