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A-Rank Boukensha No Slow Life Manga

A-Rank Boukensha No Slow Life is a manga about an adventurer dreaming of a quiet life.  Alfred was an orphan, earning a pittance barely enough to buy food. His only option was to kill monsters for money. So he became an adventurer.

The work was hard and dangerous, not without casualties, but he was strong and lucky, which helped him survive.  Eventually he became adventurer number 1 or rank A. He was a hero who was admired and worshipped. People called him Alfred the dragon killer.     However, he began to realize that he had no problems in life.

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He was 27 years old, he had money, he wasn’t hungry, he wasn’t cold, he had good health so far. He began to think about how he was going to live his life. He doesn’t want to have a mansion in the capital, he doesn’t want to work as a coach in the adventurers’ guild. Life in the capital doesn’t seem great to him. He had four people on his team, and they too began to think about the future. Keel is going to travel and have fun, Kurune is going to be a magic teacher, Elliot is going to join the royal knights of the capital. And he himself dreams of a quiet life in Norland.

It is a distant region in another empire, where it will take more than a month to travel. Given his fame, if he wants a quiet life, the further away the better for him. The more likely it is that no one will recognize him there. Nine years ago he was in Norland and the image of the beautiful flower fields never leaves his mind. Everyone is surprised that a guy who inspires terror as a dragon slayer, a sword-waving man, dreams of flower fields. Now he doesn’t need the power, so he quietly packed up and left. If he had publicly announced that the team was disbanding, it would have caused everyone’s indignation.

It took him a month to reach his destination and finally he saw his village. He met a pretty girl who introduced herself as Aisha and took him to the house of the village elder. Alfred met him and his hospitable family, saw that he was welcome there, and realized that his peaceful life has started.  Read A-Rank Boukensha No Slow Life manga to learn more about his fate.

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